Quantum ai trading review

Quantum ai trading review is an AI-based software that claims to use Quantum machine learning to deliver automated trading in cryptocurrency markets. The trading robot was created in 2021 by Thomas Green and his team of developers who have previous experience in quantitative finance and machine learning.

Who is Quantum ai trading review?

Quantum AI is an automated trading platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to trade cryptocurrencies. According to the company's website, the software was developed by a team of quants, algorithmic traders, and engineers led by CEO Thomas Green.

The platform claims to apply principles of quantum computing to power its trading decisions. Quantum computers have the potential to analyze massive amounts of data and identify patterns that classical computers may miss. By leveraging this technology, Quantum AI says it can make highly accurate market forecasts and generate consistent trading profits.

Some key features of Quantum AI highlighted on their website include:

  • Proprietary hybrid AI system combining quantum algorithms and neural networks
  • Automated market analysis and trading signals
  • Execution of trades based on algorithmic signals
  • Support for trading major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • User-friendly dashboard for account management and customization

Overall, Quantum AI presents itself as an advanced, A.I.-driven trading platform for crypto assets. However, it remains relatively unknown and untested in the marketplace.

How does Quantum ai trading review work?

Here is an overview of how Quantum AI works according to the information provided on their website:

  • Account Creation: Users have to create an account and make an initial deposit of $250 to start using the software.
  • Algorithmic Trading: Once connected to a broker via API, the AI algorithm will analyze technical indicators and market data to identify trading opportunities.
  • Signal Generation: Based on its analysis, the algorithm generates buy and sell signals and executes the trades automatically.
  • Risk Parameters: Users can adjust parameters like assets traded, amounts per trade, daily stop loss, and take profit.
  • Profit Withdrawal: Users can withdraw their trading profits conveniently, subject to broker withdrawal limits.
  • Fees: The company charges no explicit fees but generates revenue through commissions from the integrated brokers.

The trading is fully automated once the parameters are set. The proprietary AI system is responsible for market analysis, signal generation, and trade execution according to programmed logic. Users can monitor performance through the dashboard.

Pros and Cons of Quantum ai trading review


  • Fully automated trading powered by AI reduces emotional errors and saves time.
  • Supports trading of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
  • Customizable risk management parameters to adjust risk exposure.
  • Lucrative affiliate program to earn commissions for referrals.
  • Fast and secure withdrawal of profits made.


  • Unproven AI trading algorithm with unclear track record.

-Accuracy of signals and profitability are questionable.

-High minimum deposit of $250 required.

-Lack of transparency about integrated brokers.

-Auto trading increases risks if software malfunctions.

-No mobile app available currently.

Alternatives to Quantum ai trading review

Some alternatives to Quantum AI for crypto trading bots include:

  • 3Commas - Cloud-based platform supporting automated trading bots and portfolio management tools.
  • Cryptohopper - External auto trading bot that connects to cryptocurrency exchanges via API.
  • Shrimpy - Application for automating crypto portfolio management and rebalancing.
  • Zignaly - Trading terminal to create and execute trading bots with manual and automated strategies.
  • Bitsgap - All-in-one trading platform with bot trading, portfolio management, and arbitrage options.
  • Quadency - Unified interface for building, backtesting, and deploying automated trading strategies.
  • Mudrex - Automated bots creation platform that requires zero coding knowledge.

These platforms offer a combination of automated trading capabilities, backtesting tools, technical indicators, risk management features, and more for crypto assets.

Step by step guide to use Quantum ai trading review

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to start using Quantum AI for automated crypto trading:

  1. Visit the Quantum AI website and register for a new account. Provide your name, email address, and phone number.

  1. Deposit Funds - Deposit a minimum of $250 via the integrated broker to activate your account. More capital allows bigger trades.

  1. Connect Broker - Quantum AI integrates with brokers to execute trades. Connect the broker account to link it.

  1. Select Assets - Pick your preferred cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. that the bot can trade for you.

  1. Adjust Settings - Customize settings like risk per trade, take profit, stop loss, trade amount, etc. as per your risk appetite.

  1. Start Trading - Turn on automated trading to allow the AI algorithm to analyze the markets and start executing trades for you.

  1. Monitor Performance - Check your dashboard regularly to monitor performance. View trade history, profits/losses, and customize or stop bot.

  1. Withdraw Profits - Withdraw your profits conveniently through the linked broker account. Be aware of withdrawal fees or limits.

Tips for using Quantum ai trading effectively

Here are some tips to use Quantum AI effectively for better automated trading results:

  • Start with minimum investment and gradually increase capital as you gain confidence.
  • Select conservative risk settings initially as aggressive risks can lead to losses.
  • Diversify your portfolio across multiple assets rather than just Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • Analyze historical performance before relying completely on automated trading.
  • Regularly monitor your trades and market movements to identify any need for adjustments.
  • Use technical indicators like moving averages to customize buy/sell signals.
  • Keep stop losses narrow to limit the downside on losing trades.
  • Withdraw profits regularly instead of reinvesting everything. Maintain proper money management.
  • Pay taxes on trading profits as per your country's regulations.
  • Disable automated trading if markets become too volatile or unpredictable.

FAQs about Quantum ai trading review

What is Quantum AI crypto trading?

Quantum AI is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrencies that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze market data and execute trades. The algorithm is designed to identify profitable trading opportunities across crypto markets.

Is Quantum AI legit and safe to use?

The legitimacy of Quantum AI is unclear since the platform is relatively new and unregulated. There have been no verified performance reports. So there are concerns about the accuracy of its trading algorithm and safety of users' funds. Investors are advised to do their own due diligence.

What is the minimum deposit for Quantum AI?

Quantum AI requires an initial minimum deposit of $250 to activate an account and start trading. The minimum deposit amount must be made via the integrated broker after registering on their platform.

What is the profit potential of Quantum AI?

The company claims users can make average daily profits of up to $1,500 from an initial investment of $250. However, there is no publicly available data to verify these claims. Profit potential may vary based on market conditions and trading settings.

Does Quantum AI have a mobile app?

Currently, Quantum AI does not have a mobile trading app. The platform is only accessible through web browsers on laptops and computers. This limits its accessibility and convenience for traders on the go.


Quantum AI brings an intriguing pitch of delivering automated crypto trading powered by artificial intelligence and quantum computing. However, the lack of transparency around the performance of its algorithm and credibility of its claims makes it a high-risk platform for investors. Withdrawal delays and lack of mobile access further raise concerns.

Traders are advised to exercise abundant caution, start small, and use tight stop losses if testing this platform. Fully automated trading also requires constant monitoring. For long-term usage, trusted platforms with more verification may be a safer choice. As with any AI trading algorithm, proceed with proper knowledge and manage risks wisely.